• Gratitude email series:  

    Gratitude has been the subject of study among philosophers, religious scholars, and scientists alike. For at least 2,000 years, intellectuals have been considering the vital role gratitude plays in daily life.

    What role does giving thanks play in your life? If you’re ready to learn about the benefits of a daily gratitude practice, opt-in for my Gratitude Email Series.

    The magnitude of benefits we experience from gratitude may account for our interest in studying this foundational emotion for millennia. The relationship between gratitude and well-being is a burgeoning area of research in the field of positive psychology.

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  • Reclaim Your Health with Whole Life Rx

    An email series to share the benefits of a whole-body approach to health.

    Do you wake up feeling tired? Do you rely on caffeine to push you through your day? Do you feel too sluggish to get yourself moving the way you want to? Are you struggling to find meals that are nutritious AND easy to prepare? Do you wish you had better methods in place for dealing with stress?

    If this sounds familiar, and you’re ready to make a change by identifying personal health obstacles and making adjustments to improve your overall well-being, you don’t want to miss out on this Reclaim Your Health with Whole Life Rx: Email Series!

  • It all starts with your feet:

    Learn alternative methods for foot and ankle pain!

    You spend up to 80 percent of your waking hours on your feet, and each day your feet absorb over 2,265,000 kilograms of accumulated pressure. So it’s no wonder that, from time to time, your feet end up in a world of hurt!

    Whether you’re living with chronic pain due to arthritis or nerve damage, you’re recovering from an injury, or you’re just looking to keep your feet healthy, we can help. This class, It All Starts With Your Feet, will help you gain the knowledge you need to keep inflammation and excess pain at bay.

  • Detox the Toxic

    An email series dedicated to helping you feel your best!

    We all have innate mechanisms working day and night to help rid the body of harmful substances. However, our exposure to chemicals has increased faster than our ability to detox. This can cause a build of harmful chemicals in the body and lead to disease. For example, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, infertility, certain cancers, and mood disorders have all been associated with a toxic overload.

    If you haven't been feeling your absolute best, you may benefit from a detox. We're sharing an email series to help participants better understand the basic physiology of detoxification and its importance. To learn more, opt-in for Detox the Toxic. 

  • Detox Made Simple:

    Detoxification is a subject that can trigger a lot of negative responses from people, mostly because there’s a lot of misinformation online about how to detox and what detox is. Here’s a simple truth: our bodies have built-in detoxification systems, so in order to effectively detox, we need to support those systems.

    We’re excited to share that on January 6, 2021, at 1 pm, we’re officially launching a special webinar we’ve been working on about this exact topic! It’s called Detox Made Simple, and you can sign up and learn more about it at

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