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Casey Walker, DC

Chiropractor located in Lowell, IN

Dr. Casey Walker graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, and is a doctor of chiropractic. His training included an undergraduate degree, as well as four years of training at a specialized chiropractic school followed by 1000 hours of supervised clinical training.

Chiropractic care is appropriate for treating a range of conditions, including lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, and injuries, and Dr. Walker is well-versed in each of them. He’s an expert in evaluating and diagnosing pain, as well as in creating and implementing individualized treatment plans for his patients.

Whether you need someone who understands sports injuries or arthritis pain, Dr. Walker can get to the root of your pain and get you on a path to healing. He sees each patient as a unique individual with specific needs, and chooses the care most likely to lead to a positive outcome -- whether that is chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, or nutritional support. Book your appointment today to learn how Dr. Walker at R2 Wellness Centers in Lowell, Indiana can help you.

Join us for Dinner with the Doctor!  

Every Tuesday at 7pm Dr Walker hosts a dinner & information session. 
These events are free & seats must be reserved in advanced. 
Please call our office at 219-208-6894 for more information!

**Please be aware that we are taking a brief hiatus from these events due to the unprecedented global situation. Contact our office to be notified when they resume.**



Most major insurance companies are accepted. If you have any questions regarding insurance providers, or would like to check if you are covered, please call our office.

Sciatica Helped by Chiropractor in Lowell Indiana

Sciatica is a condition that is often misdiagnosed and attributed to any intense lower back pain. Any pain in the lower back that limits your movement or stops you from enjoying life requires attention, but not all lower back pain is sciatic pain.

About 3 million Americans sustain whiplash injuries each year. About 1.5 million Americans suffer chronic pain from whiplash.
Understanding Whiplash

People who are in car accidents can suffer a lot more than a car in the body shop. In this post, we are going to explain what symptoms should prompt you to schedule an appointment to establish if your symptoms you are experiencing are whiplash or not.

A detox does more than cleanse your body, if done properly it can improve how your digestive system functions.
12 Signs You Need A Detox

Toxins are harmful substances that are derived from food, water, cleaning products, and other environmental sources that we are exposed to regularly. That can affect all of the systems of our bodies and how they function.


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