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Are You Tired of Neck Pain? Are You Looking for Help?

Neck pain getting in the way of your day?

Are You Tired of Neck Pain? Are You Looking for Help? 

Out of almost 300 conditions, neck pain was the fourth most common in the Global Burden of Disease Study. Neck pain can have causes that are not due to underlying disease. We created a simple quiz to give to your doctor when you are ready to live pain-free. 

What can cause neck pain? 
Neck pain can stem from an injury to the neck, such as whiplash, or from a herniated disc, or it can be a symptom of an underlying condition, such as fibromyalgia, infection, or other diseases. Neck pain can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include prolonged straining (looking up or down), sleeping in an uncomfortable position, stress, or wearing heavy 

This questionnaire was designed to give your medical provider information as to how your neck pain has affected your ability to manage everyday life. Please answer every section and circle only the ONE  that applies to you. We realize that you may consider that two or more of the same statements in any one section relate to you, but please just mark the box that most closely describes your problem.

Pain Intensity 

Personal Care (Washing, Dressing, etc.) 









What therapy options are available for neck pain? 
To determine the most effective treatment plan for your neck discomfort, Dr. Walker and the team do a thorough evaluation. Some possible treatments in our clinic can include: 

If you feel ready to live your life free from pain, take advantage of our booking feature or give us a call to schedule now.


Casey Walker, D.C. Casey Walker, D.C. is the founder of R2 Wellness Centers a chiropractic clinic, family-owned and operated in Lowell, Indiana. R2 Wellness Centers mission is, to create health within so that you can live your life free from pain and suffering, Live Your Life, Today. He has been practicing chiropractic since graduating from Palmer Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in 2005. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, cycling and fly-fishing.

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